Mr A, Ottery St Mary

Finally, I cannot bring our connection to an end without going on record to say how pleased we are with every aspect of the service you have provided at every stage. There has not been one single adverse issue. It was obvious from the moment we first met that Chris was the expert we needed (we obtained five quotations in total) and he has exceeded our expectations remarkable in his interpretation of our requirements and has created massive spaces, which are not only extremely useable but also aesthetically very pleasing. The time-estimate was five weeks, and this was met to the day. The potentially traumatic experience of having one’s roof hacked about dramatically by a bunch of strangers actually proved to be a most positive experience. Every aspect of the conversion and the quality of materials and workmanship impressed us, and we thoroughly enjoyed the company of every member of your team without exception. Please pass on our grateful thanks to them all, particularly to Dave who was the “main man”. You have not only added great value to our house at very reasonable cost but the conversion has already enhanced the quality of our lives, and it is no exaggeration to say that you are one of the most competent organisations we have ever dealt with.

As a retired lawyer with a long professional experience of unsatisfactory business dealings and incompetence, I have a pessimistic view and a healthy cynicism as to all such matters. The above testimonial is therefore not given lightly and you may feel free to use it in any way you wish.